Lauren Brown is an artist, writer and creative practice consultant.
She has a BFA (Photography) from the National Art School and school prize-winner for her excellence in Art History.

Her MA (Art in Public Space) focused on sound and listening in the public realm and further developed her interest in art within society.


As well as a practicing artist exhibiting and performing across Australia and the UK, she has worked for visual arts advocacy bodies, art galleries and served on the board of artist-led-spaces.

She has been the author of she sees red since 2006, which she began in order to write about her own work and the work of others in her field – writing about exhibitions, artistic process, collections and production reviews.

She has been a consultant for arts organisations on the intersection between arts and technology,  and leads workshops on  various aspects of arts professional practice – including marketing for artists and good business practice.


As an emerging artist in 2002, her very first edition, Cathedrals, completely sold out to a range of young private art investors, older collectors and curators of public collections from universities and galleries.

This experience – alongside her work in the arts sector – has contributed to her expertise on professional practice, artist- collector relationships, selling work independently, maintaining industry standards, royalties, gallery relationships and the value of art.

In 2012, she moved to London and now runs a management company for creative performers – musicians, theatre-makers and performance artists.


Lauren continues to write and tweet about art in society. She visits exhibitions and art fairs regularly, advocating for both public and private collection. She has a soft-spot for artists outside the mainstream view and encourages young collectors and collecting as a political act.


twitter: @sheseesred


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