hey mum, i’m going to TiNA

TiNA love

how cute is that little burst of TiNA love?!*

it’s that time of year again, when i seem to turn my back on melbourne fringe and head up the F3 instead for the This is Not Art festival, especially its festival-within-a-festival Electrofringe (does that make it a meta-festival?).

I’ll be doing three projects up there (greedy? not much):

a retail space, where i’ll be ‘selling’ the idea of listening

a secret sound mission in which a bunch of wretched field recorders will capture the sounds of newcastle and upload images to the aporee maps (follow me on twitter for updates on the locations)

and i’ll be listener-in-residence – doing my usual listening projects during the festival and will be posting the sounds of the festival up at the festival club.

expect a bit more info on those things to come up a bit more in the next week or so. and if you’re coming up to newcastle, get in touch! let’s hang. and if you’re not, why not?!

*done by the fabulous new best friend team

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