listening poem

i never thought of what i did as poetry at all. until i had to explain to DHS what i did.

saying it was a ‘poem’ was the quickest, simplest and easiest was to talk about the list of sounds i hear. 

 then i went to electrofringe and the peeps from australian poetry and the new young writers festival said it was totally poetry.

 on tuesday i started writing up the list of sounds i’ve been listening to on the glass in the foyer at 240 wellington street. i did another installment of it this morning and two people came up to read what i was doing. and aesha, a girl who lives in the wellington street block said that it was a poem and she liked reading it.

 when i talked about how i came to the words, she agreed that when you break it down like that, we listen to a lot, don’t we.

 in fact, she liked the idea so much she’s going to join me listening tomorrow afternoon!

what a great result that is. cross-posted at aura project blog

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