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I’ve always engaged on some level with fashion design. you would have NO idea from the way i dress (or my wardrobe that fits within Ryanair luggage restrictions), but i regularly admire and covet high fashion.

You’ve probably seen random posts of mine about Hussein Chalayan, Ann Demeulemeester, McQueen, Vivienne Westwood, my work trying to integrate fashion and interactive art (which has been put waaaaay on the back burner) and perhaps wondered how I always end up at Dover Street Market.

The exciting thing about London is that I can properly engage with that aspect of my life (and practice) again. I don’t have a fashion design background AT ALL. But I can still appreciate and learn on the fly. Actually, I plan to do that a whole lot more here, because I can

Even in the week I’ve been here, I’ve able to visit DSM (which is where I can get up close and personal with some of the designers I like), check out the Issey Miyake range, apply for work with Westwood, McQueen and Chalayan.  I’ll check out St Martin’s soon and keep an eye out for local designers (like the amazing Tanique Coburn stall at Portobello Market – watch this space for this girl!).

Once I’m settled and financial again, I might even do something to properly upskill in this regard, but in the mean time, i’m going to learn from the public intellect – the V&A, libraries, working studios and fashion on the street.


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