a list of things to do in stockholm

Gamla Stan - The Old Town of Stockholm

hi. yes, i’m sorry darling for being away for a long time. and i’ve rarely been in contact. i went to london and got caught up in life. but it doesn’t mean that i don’t love you, i promise. but i’ll change all that. really, i will.

after i get back from stockholm.

eep! i’m super-excited. i know that it’s already pretty damned icy here. snow in london, snow in berlin, snow in stockholm. but i’m looking forward to checking out a city i’ve not been to before.

i’m going with my friend phiroze, who has an amazing job and who has put me in charge of ‘entertainment’. that could go anywhere, but in the interest of being a proper tourist for a few days, here’s a list i’ve done so far…

moderna museet 

Kungsträdgården ice skating

drop coffee (i’m very proud of myself – it’s only at #3 on the list!)


nordic museum

the office #15

boat tours of the royal canal

dark tours/rooftop tours

the globe

any other suggestions?

image credit: gorgios karamanis from flickr

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