interesting south 2008

some of you may remember me talking about interesting in london last year. some may even remember me going on about interesting south in sydney last year. well, this year, it’s on again. This weekend monday at the Belvoir St Theatre. Yes, interesting south – the conference of interestingness, south.

There are a great list of speakers, it should be an amazing night to hear people speaking broadly from the areas of science and the arts. i’m personally looking forward to hearing about zenzizenzizenzic, which is something to do with the constant and non-constant of change, and michael lister discussing the finer points of bus route design (how mad is that gonna be!).

If you’re into it, go to the interesting website, check out what’s happening and come along. it’s way cheap! cheaper than AG Ideas, that’s for sure. I’ll be there, blogging, twittering and sketching away. i’m looking forward to meeting some new peeps and catching up with old friends too.

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