the cone of silence: first site.

Cone Of Silence First Site

as you all know, this year has been a crazy busy year for me. i think the official twitter hashtag for my 2009 is #norestforthewicked.

so, in 2 weeks’ time i have an installation/intervention/something-or-other at First Site gallery in Swanston St, Melbourne. It’s one of the RMIT galleries, underneath Storey Hall.

it’s a space that is part of my research into headphones and acoustic privacy; a site-specific work that recreates the actions we take when we put our headphones on – we create a little niche for ourselves to be unheard. a choice over our sonic environment.

cone of silence_FS_sketchWeb

inspired, of course, by maxwell smart and the cone of silence from the get smart tv series*, it is a crawl space that has been set into the stairway to heaven at the back of the gallery (for those who know the space).

opening on tuesday 15th september at 5:30pm, the exhibition runs until the 26th, in conjunction with the sculpture exhibition: scale of mark.

*of course there are more serious influences like bachelard, adorno, debord and bull, but there’ll be an essay available at the gallery for all you freaks who are interested in cultural theory/aesthetics – this blog is for the lowest common denominator, don’t you know.

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