hot in the city

i’m sorry if you don’t live in melbourne right now. there is SO much on for anyone who is mildly interested in anything other than the lost finale (which, for the record, i’m not).

firstly, the next wave festival is on and although the first week of stuff didn’t really get my heart started*, there have been some excellent works on and this week i’m finally having that ‘oh crap i need to see 5 things in the one night’ moment. PLUS the emerging writers festival has started!

if you haven’t been down to the meat market to see the structural integrity pavilions and scott mitchell’s smoke machine, for god’s sake brave the cold and do it. it will make it all worthwhile.

and if you’re whinging about how out-of-the-way the meat market it is, i understand. really, i do. but it’s worth it – just get off the 19 tram at queensberry st, it’s pretty easy from there.

the other thing you need to do is come to west space and see the feminist project exhibition, the view from here. and you should buy/read the catalogue. it is the hopeful beginning of the next wave of feminist discourse (see what i did there?).

interestingly, the introduction to the female eunuch could easily be the introduction to this work, whereby we’ve sat on our laurels again got all caught up in raunch culture and fake tans/boob/lips, forgetting that we STILL need to loudly remind ourselves and everyone that exploitation of any kind based on gender (or race, sexual preference or creed for that matter) is not OK.

it’s pretty shit, but i’ve already missed out on the parachutes for ladies’ i thought a musical was being made and tape projects’ 100 proofs the earth is not a globe. if you’re going, i think i might hate you for a while. and if you’re not – join the philistine fan club.

things i will not be missing out on:

great heights 2 at melbourne central tonight, featuring kay abude, sam george, michael georgetti, tegan lewis, andrew liversidge, amy + claire spiers and paul wotherspoon.

the infinity tube near the neck face piece off meyers place (now that it has finally arrived!)

and estelle tang‘s 15 minutes of fame book launch extravaganza, as part of the emerging writers’ festival. estelle’s blog 3000books is one of the best lit blogs going around, so you should read it and come to the events this week. super ace.

two other shows you should see:

glenn walls’ show at john buckley, projects for total urbanism (pictured above). i think it’s in the last couple of days, so you should run to richmond. (yes, lauren. ahem)

and owen leong‘s show, birthmark, at anna pappas. SUCH beautiful photographic works. but you know, i’m biased as he’s a dear friend.

PLUS there are a few things i’ll be missing out on because i’m giving a lecture at RMIT.

so, if you’re not going to grace us with your presence, one of the things you should go and check out the soundkilda music vid competition on at the palace george in st.kilda – showing the hottest music vids on the big screen, which i’m totally into as an idea.

and…actually i can’t remember the others – i live in a purely need-to-know timescale at the moment. ha!

if you’re not in melbourne, i’m sure your week is great – you’ve either got waaay more interesting things to do, or you’re watching re-runs of the lost finale. either way, i’m happy for you. really.

* except the taking it to the streets forum with lucas ihlein on sunday. i’ll talk about that another post.

image credits:
estelle and her facebook page
next wave site
john buckley website
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dell stewart and her flickr stream

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